Ventilation & Extraction

Woodward Group is the company of choice for designing your ventilation system. Whether its creating a new system or completing a redesign of an existing system, we can boost your energy efficiency and safety.

Local Exhaust Ventilation, (LEV)

Woodward Group installs and maintains Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) machinery that helps clean the air before people breathe in any possible harmful substances. They extract air from a process as a way of minimising the dust, fumes and vapour exposure to workers.

Strict guidelines and legislations require that all our project managers and engineers are qualified to perform the installation, inspection and maintenance especially where harmful gasses need venting. Our services cover:

In accordance with legal requirements to have your equipment inspected and tested every 14 months, we conduct LEV inspections on the following systems:

We design ideal solutions for commercial premises by offering balanced Mechanical Ventilation systems with Heat Recovery (MVHR), providing clean air flow for optimum energy consumption.

Whole House Ventilation Systems

Whole House Ventilation systems exchange polluted air for fresher, cleaner air, without losing energy or changing the temperature of your environment. It ventilates, and recovers up to 80% of the heat from the air that leaves your home whilst enabling healthier humidity levels.

Maintenance & Inspection

Whether your space is a small location or an entire shopping centre, Woodward Group provides thorough maintenance programs that optimise your system, avoiding future breakdowns from occurring. Upon completion of the Ventilation & Extraction systems, we provide a detailed efficiency report and commissioning certificate.

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Company Certifications & Accreditations
Alcumus Safe Contractor
NICEIC Approved
UKAS Certified
Construction Line Certified
CHAS Accredited
SSAIB Certified

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We're here to answer your questions.
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