Fire Extinguishers

Woodward Fire and Security can help you choose the best type of fire fighting equipment for your property or business.

We will provide:

All of the equipment that we can provide you with is kite marked BS/EM3 and have CE approval. They are fitted in accordance with BS 5306 Part 3 and 8 2009 and all new units have a warranty of 12 months.

Types of Fire Extinguishers:

Water – Water is the cheapest and most widely used fire extinguisher. Used for Class A fires.
Foam – Foam is more expensive than water but more versatile. Used for Class A and B fires.
Powder - Often referred to as “multi-purpose” extinguisher. Used for Class A, B and C fires.
Co2 – Mainly used for fires involving electrical equipment. Used for Class B and C fires.
Wet Chemical – Mainly used for fires formed from cooking oils and fats. Used for Class A and K fires.

Class of Fires:

ACommon combustiblesWood, paper, cloth etc..
BFlammable liquids and gasesPetroleum , propane and solvents
CLive electrical equipmentComputers, machines etc..
DCombustible metalsMagnesium, lithium, titanium
KCooking mediaCooking oils and fats

Fire Extinguisher Colour Coding:

Water – Entire body of red as standard
Foam – Zone colour – Cream
Powder – Zone colour – Blue
Co2 – Zone colour – Black
Wet Chemical – Zone colour - Yellow

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