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Did you know that it is reported, fire damage costs UK businesses well over half a billion pounds every year – a harsh but true statistic that one wouldn’t think would happen to their own business premise. Do your business premises have an effective and reliable fire suppression system installed as a safeguard against the potential threat of a fire? Are you absolutely confident that your current fire suppression system would prevent such a fire taking hold and causing serious damage – or worse? Are you setting up a new business facility and in need of ensuring the required systems are in place?

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Woodward Group is a market leader in specialist fire detection and suppression technologies, and with a wealth of proven experience, we are the go-to option for many leading and developing businesses. We have a wide range of fire suppression systems to suit different fire safety requirements and budgets for all businesses as well as a certified and experienced team of professional installers who will visit your site to plan strategic areas which will require installing fire detection & alarm systems.

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This work is completed to ISO 9001 standards.

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Advantages of Installing Fire Suppression System

I have extinguishers, so why do I need a fire suppression system?

A fire suppression system works differently from a fire extinguisher in that the suppression system is designed to work over a large area, it is connected to its own individual control panel or linked into your existing fire alarm. Efficient suppression systems cause as little damage as possible to the existing physical structures and fixtures.

Our team of qualified engineers install, test and set up a schedule of regular maintenance for your system ensuring that it is maintained at its peak operating efficiency. Woodward Fire & Security have expert knowledge and experience with installing Inergen FM200 and would recommend this system every time.

The FM200 suppression system has been universally acknowledged as the most suitable extinguishing system, having an exceptional performance and rapid-fire knockdown within 10 seconds!

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