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A severe fire at any business is a business owner’s worst nightmare, but in a town such as Tamworth, where the catchment area is relatively small, the consequences can be devastating. Indeed, it is thought that around 80% of businesses which have suffered a significant fire go bust within 18 months. Insurance payouts simply don’t cover the ongoing cost which puts a huge strain on business owners who often end up paying bills out of their own savings or, worse still, borrowing money.

Conducting a fire risk assessment such as an office fire risk assessment is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of preventing a fire. When you perform a fire safety risk assessment, it will expose areas which pose a threat in your business, and if you don’t already have a fire alarm, it should be evident that you now need a fire alarm installation. The system will give you longer to evacuate your premises in the event of a fire as well as identifying its exact location. It will make it easier to extinguish the fire, potentially reducing the amount of damage suffered.

Fire alarm maintenance is something that often gets highlighted in Tamworth and is critical that it gets carried out. Also, appropriate extinguishers need to be installed, and fire extinguisher maintenance and inspection should be treated as a priority. Knowing exactly where extinguishers should be placed and which ones you require along with how many, is something that we are qualified to advise you on, taking away any uncertainty.

Emergency Lighting Services

Emergency Lighting Installation Burton On Trent

Most people are aware that the electricity supply quickly gets disrupted during a fire. An already frightening and dangerous situation is intensified, so it is understandable that emergency light installation is a legal requirement along with adequate emergency light maintenance. This lighting could be the difference between life and death as well as assisting firefighters in extinguishing the blaze. In reality, this could save you thousands of pounds so it is a worthwhile investment.

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