11kV High Voltage Private Networks

Woodward Group’s continual evolution has enabled us to supply High Voltage (HV) private network installations up to 11kV, transformers, 11kV cabling and packaged solutions.

Our expertise allows us to provide a full project design service, project management, installation of transformers, protection systems, substations and switchgear.

In addition, we deliver fault diagnosis and planned preventative maintenance schemes as well as cable diversions, cable jointing, tracing cables, excavation and back filling.

HV switchgear and transformers are incredibly reliable but requires regular servicing and maintenance. Should fault arise, it could be tremendously disruptive, expensive to repair, and dangerous. Woodward Group offers a complete maintenance package for your high voltage private network.

To ensure safe, legally compliant and uninterrupted operations, call us on 01283 819379 today.

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