700 million homes will be smart homes by 2020

It is understood that by 2020 there will be 700 million Smart Homes. Woodward Group are one of the distinguished electrical companies that have the knowledge and proven skills with installing and maintaining smart technology including Automation, Audio / Visual, Security, Alarms/Cameras, Heating and Lighting.

Smart technology is all about making life easier and more efficient. The key to managing your building by a smartphone or tablet is to make certain that the electrical contractor who installs all this technology has the experience and know-how to do so as well has educating the client on how to use the system effectively.

The beauty of smart technology is that you can start small and add to growing your buildings smart capabilities. Another way is to introduce a complete smart building solution giving you the power to control your home or building from your phone / tablet.

Woodward Group are one of the few electrical contractors with the skills and capabilities to design and install smart technology. Call our specialist engineers on 01283 819379 to get a quote on becoming smart!

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