Analogue or IP CCTV. Which one do you choose?

Now it’s getting darker earlier, we feel safer especially when our own sight senses are satisfied.

Installing CCTV satisfies our senses and enables you to add a layer of security around your premises at the same time deterring crime.

CCTV has seen some notable developments in the last few years and when choosing a system, you’ll notice a lot of talk about the differences between analogue and IP cameras.

So how do you decide on which system to get?

Both types of cameras work well in either personal or business security scenarios. An analogue camera feeds your security images directly to a television, VCR or DVD player. An IP, or network camera, feeds security images and sends those images via data network cable (LAN) to anywhere on the network or server.

Why chose an Analogue CCTV System?

  • Cost. IP video systems are generally more expensive than analogue systems. If you want a simple and cost-effective system then Analogue CCTV is potentially better.
  • If you already have an analogue system it can be upgraded to a HD quality camera utilising the existing cables which eliminates a substantial labour charge for installation.

Why chose an IP CCTV System?

  • IP CCTV systems are the latest in technology and provides a higher image quality and is future proofed. An IP security system provides a higher image quality and currently offer up to 4K resolution.
  • Also, IP CCTV cameras can utilise the existing LAN Network infrastructure. This has the benefit of reducing labour charges as no additional cables need running from the Network Video Recorder to the camera.

There is no one size fits all when selecting either an analogue or IP CCTV system, it really depends on the specific needs and priority of your requirements.

Woodward Group supply and install both Analogue or IP systems. Our engineers are unbiased and here to help advise on the product and technology that best suits your specific requirements.

Please call us on 01283 819379 for a free no obligation survey helping you secure your property and provide piece of mind.


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