Woodward Group’s CCTV catches Hit and Run Driver

CCTV Installation

This November, we are proud to announce that our recently-fitted, award-winning CCTV, Intruder Alarm & Smart Phone App system assisted our client in catching a hit-and-run driver whilst she was on holiday in Italy.

She was able to use her mobile app to review captured footage of the hit-and-run driver and car losing control, crashing through our client’s driveway gates, ripping out a hedge, and smashing into her car before speeding off into the night adorning it’s dreadfully damaged look.

Together with our client’s Facebook post, clear CCTV footage, and Woodward Group’s help, the case of the missing hit-and-run driver was uncovered within 4 hours.

By having Woodward Group’s CCTV and mobile app, we have caught the person who caused so much damage. I am really grateful for the help from Woodward Group’s Fire & Security Specialist, Rhys, and his advice on the best solution for my needs. I will continue to recommend Woodward Group’s services to others. A big thank you to all at Woodward Group for your help and providing a solution that really does work.’’ – From our client

Enjoy peace of mind whilst traveling, knowing you can access footage of your property anytime and anywhere from your tested and proven, smart phone app by calling 01283 819379 or emailing [email protected]

Christmas is protected with a Woodward Fire & Security Intruder Alarm

Christmas Security

Protect your property during this festive season

Christmas is just around the corner and we, at the Woodward Fire & Security division, have the perfect gift for your property and family. Starting from as little as £449, our wireless intruder alarms can be installed quickly without disruption to your premises.
The spirit of giving is in the air and we are pleased to be giving out a FREE home-control mobile app worth £98 with every new alarm installed.
For more information or a free consultation, call 01283 819379 or make an email enquiry here.

Advantages of having LED Lighting for Warehouses

Led Lighting

LED is a key installation for a warehouse or similar environment. Considering the benefits of LED lighting for warehouses, such as energy efficiency and cost of running, LED lighting installations are essential.

With the help of Woodward Group, your LED Lighting will be carried out in the correct way. Our engineers have been at the forefront of LED Technology and have several years’ experience in carrying out LED projects.

Energy Saving

LED is already known as more energy efficient than other types of lighting. LED uses less power and in some cases, can save over 80% on a business’s electricity bill.  There are very few ways of reducing a warehouses overheads by so much than installing LED Lighting.

Longer Lasting

LED Lighting can last up to 10 times longer than other types of lighting. LED’s don’t emit heat, they draw less energy and are more robustly manufactured. Also by lasting longer the maintenance costs are considerably lower again benefitting the businesses balance sheet.

Durable and Aesthetically Better

LEDs are durable and when turned on, they light up instantly. No more time waiting for another type of light to warm up before it can light an area. Also with LED’s you don’t some the effects of flicker that some other lights emit.

Light Distribution

LED lighting distributes better than any other form of warehouse lighting.  This benefits the people working in the warehouse with clear uniform lighting and importantly for health and safety requirements.

If you are thinking of replacing your warehouse’s existing lighting for LED Lights, call Woodward Group on 01283 819379 who are specialists and qualified to install the best lighting systems.

When it comes to Electrical Services – Don’t take any short cuts

Electrical Safety

Some of our new customers have said how hard it is to find a good electrical contractor who’s work and capabilities they can trust. Don’t take short cuts when looking for the right electrical contractor because using one you can trust will only benefit your business.

With Woodward Group, you can be guarantee that your business will be in good hands. Having several companies across different industries, we understand that each business has a range of needs and priorities.


When it comes to finding the best electrical contractor for your commercial or industrial needs, research is truly important. Checking online, reading reviews and researching our website will provide you with a company that is trusted by some of the most respected companies in the UK including (Rolls Royce, Bombardier, The Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Western Power Distribution).

Are your Electricians Qualified

Another way to guarantee your electrician is suitable for the job is to make sure they are fully qualified. You may want to hire your local electrician, but do they have the qualifications and experience of dealing with industrial projects? At Woodward Group our projects run from warehouse LED installations, complete wiring and electrics for a new build facilities to new heavy industrial production line installations.

Think of Safety

Hiring an unqualified electrician could be a waste of time but importantly very unsafe. Electrical work and repairs is no guessing game. All our electrical engineers are Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) qualified. They have demonstrated that they have completed formal industry regulated competency training. Woodward Group is also an approved NIC EIC contractor celebrating 25 years of being measured under these standards.

Ask Colleagues and Business Associates

Like any other service, electricians gain business from recommendations so ask people you trust for their recommendations. Woodward Group have grown each year for the last 5 years by building trust with our clients and their trusted colleagues and business associates.

Call Woodward Group on 01283 819379 who is trusted by our peers and clients to complete your project professionally, knowledgeably and safely.

Message from the Managing Director


Hello All,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your subscription to our newsletter. As a valued customer of Woodward Group formerly known as Woodward Electrical I have you to thank for the continued growth of our business.

As many of you know I’ve worked for the company since I left school starting my career as an electrical apprentice within my father’s electrical contracting company. Once I gained my qualification as an electrician I went on to complete HNC and HND in electrical engineering as well as the C&G 2391 test and inspect.

It was in 2012 when I was made director after a number of years as contracts manager. A year later my father had an overseas job opportunity he could not pass up on and from there I moved into the managing director role.

It’s during these last four years that I have learned a lot about the industry, myself and the company. I have a lot of people to thank both within our company and who’s clients that have continued to use our services. To those within the company for accepting such a young leader and giving me 100% of the dedication towards the company thus allowing the business to expand. To the existing customers for their continued support and business and also to the new clients that have gave us the opportunity to display our capabilities and now wouldn’t look elsewhere.”

Aden Woodward – Managing Director

Update on the Stapenhill Swans Junior football team sponsored by Woodward’s Group


After last season’s success, the team was promoted up to Division 1.

Although this season the team have lost both their matches, they worked very well together displaying a good understanding of team spirit, showed great ball skills, and continue to gain the ability to focus and concentrate which is vital in their development process through the couple of fun games they’ve shared.

The coaching staff use the Football Association’s training and philosophy programme where they concentrate on gaining fitness, muscle memory development and the basics of passing.

We at Woodward’s Group are pleased to be part of the Stapenhill Swans Junior Football Team and continue to cheer them through their games to come with success. Come on The Swans!

If you would like to cheer the lads on too, their next game will be at Belvedere Park on the 4th of November.

Results so far this season are:

Swans 2 – 1 Robirch
Swans 3 – 4 Whittington Reds
Swans 1 – 4 Outwoods

Analogue or IP CCTV. Which one do you choose?

IP Camera or Analogue

Now it’s getting darker earlier, we feel safer especially when our own sight senses are satisfied.

Installing CCTV satisfies our senses and enables you to add a layer of security around your premises at the same time deterring crime.

CCTV has seen some notable developments in the last few years and when choosing a system, you’ll notice a lot of talk about the differences between analogue and IP cameras.

So how do you decide on which system to get?

Both types of cameras work well in either personal or business security scenarios. An analogue camera feeds your security images directly to a television, VCR or DVD player. An IP, or network camera, feeds security images and sends those images via data network cable (LAN) to anywhere on the network or server.

Why chose an Analogue CCTV System?

  • Cost. IP video systems are generally more expensive than analogue systems. If you want a simple and cost-effective system then Analogue CCTV is potentially better.
  • If you already have an analogue system it can be upgraded to a HD quality camera utilising the existing cables which eliminates a substantial labour charge for installation.

Why chose an IP CCTV System?

  • IP CCTV systems are the latest in technology and provides a higher image quality and is future proofed. An IP security system provides a higher image quality and currently offer up to 4K resolution.
  • Also, IP CCTV cameras can utilise the existing LAN Network infrastructure. This has the benefit of reducing labour charges as no additional cables need running from the Network Video Recorder to the camera.

There is no one size fits all when selecting either an analogue or IP CCTV system, it really depends on the specific needs and priority of your requirements.

Woodward Group supply and install both Analogue or IP systems. Our engineers are unbiased and here to help advise on the product and technology that best suits your specific requirements.

Please call us on 01283 819379 for a free no obligation survey helping you secure your property and provide piece of mind.


How safe and secure is your new home?

home intruder alarms

One of our employees is moving home and it got me thinking with how do you make your new home safe and secure?

So, you’ve picked up the new keys and moved in, but did you know that new homeowners are twice as likely to get burgled in the first 12 months.

Follow these key points to consider when moving into your new home:

  • Locks and Keys

Ensure you change all the locks especially as the prior owner may have left a key with neighbour, cleaner or even under a plant pot.

If the new home has an alarm, get it serviced by a Woodward approved engineer. If the property has no alarm, get one of our Wireless Intruder Alarms with Remote App for half the price that new builders are charging. See our flyer attached.

  • Thieves Love Working in the Dark

Use Woodward LED spot lights with motion sensors to light up your property and possible areas where intruders can hide in the shadows. Also add a Woodward CCTV system to provide complete piece of mind.

Call our team today on 01283 819379 for a free security survey.

Mobile App Controlled Intruder Alarms and CCTV

Mobile App Controlled Intruder Alarms

In the digital age of CCTV and Intruder Alarms, the uptake of systems that can be accessed by your mobile device is increasing which allows building/office and home automation and monitoring to be done remotely.

Security needs to embrace and champion this to stay ahead of the curve. By moving towards IP and wireless solutions, with smartphone apps and cloud accounts, you can profit from the many benefits.

Easy setup & installation

No wiring in the phone line to the panel. No slow PSTN connection when providing remote maintenance. Our customers benefit from added value services where systems are installed faster, alarms programmed using our App Connectivity and lower cost servicing.

Remote management capability

Furthermore, our systems offer the fastest way to connect to your systems to program the system, diagnose faults, and set up remote maintenance. This can also help you to save even more money on your yearly maintenance services, by doing one of your twice-yearly site visits remotely; adhering to standards and saving your business crucial time.

Contact Woodward Fire & Security today on 01283 819379 where we can install or upgrade to a new future proofed CCTV and Intruder Alarm system.

How many CCTV cameras are on the London Underground?

CCTV Cameras Burton on Trent

Whenever you walk down the street, travel on public transport or drive on the roads you can be assured that a CCTV camera is capturing your image.

The proliferation of CCTV Cameras in specific areas especially in cities keep growing and is widely understood that there is one CCTV camera for every 32 people in the UK.

One such area where CCTV cameras are in abundance is throughout the London underground network having close to 15600 CCTV cameras.

So, which London underground station has the most CCTV cameras?

Top ten most CCTV-saturated stations on the network

  1. King’s Cross St. Pancras Metropolitan Line – 408
  2. Oxford Circus Bakerloo Line – 309
  3. Waterloo Jubilee Line – 303
  4. Green Park Piccadilly Line – 210
  5. Elephant & Castle Bakerloo Line – 190
  6. Bank/Monument Central Line – 182
  7. Westminster Jubilee Line – 177
  8. Piccadilly Circus Bakerloo Line – 175
  9. Wembley Park Jubilee Line – 171
  10. Canary Wharf Jubilee Line – 167

Kings Cross St Pancras cameras see around 81 million people a year passing through and the average Londoner is captured on CCTV 13 times an hour.

Call Woodward Fire & Security on 01283 819379 to provide all your CCTV needs – perhaps not as many cameras as Kings Cross St Pancras, but if needed we can do that.