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Looking at our main story in this month’s newsletter, CCTV plays a major part in the security of a premise. It provides the evidence of imagery that can be used in helping apprehend a thief or in our client’s case, a hit and run driver.

Invest in a Smart CCTV and Alarm System including our proven and invaluable Mobile App that really does work and provide peace of mind.

If you have security measures already installed, make sure you have them serviced and monitored by an accredited and professional company like Woodward Fire & Security.

We offer a personal, professional and friendly service from initial consultation and design right through to installation and aftercare.

All systems provided and installed by Woodward Fire & Security incorporate the latest technology and comply with British and European Standards BS4737 and BSEN5013.

We ensure the level of safety and equipment quality for all our CCTV Systems and meet SAIBB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) and industry standards.

As Woodward Fire & Security division has undergone the strict certification and thorough audits and assessments of our products, installations and services, SSAIB demonstrates the high standards that we set ourselves and what we achieve.

CCTV has seen some notable developments in the last few years and when choosing a system, you’ll notice a lot of talk about the differences between analogue and IP cameras.

Both types of cameras work well in either personal or business security scenarios. An analogue camera feeds your security images directly to a television, VCR or DVD player. An IP, or network camera, feeds security images and sends those images via data network cable (LAN) to anywhere on the network or server.

Our mobile app will happily work on both Analogue and IP CCTV Systems provide you with the ability to view CCTV footage on your mobile device from anywhere in the world!

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when selecting either an analogue or IP CCTV system, it really depends on the specific needs and priority of your requirements.

Woodward Fire & Security’s CCTV and alarm systems use the most-up-to-date technology enabling a smooth installation and simplicity of use.

Our Fire & Security engineers provide thorough training programmes for you and your staff on the operation and functions of your new system. Our post installation services include performing regularly scheduled maintenance which keeps your system working at an optimum level.

To book your free consultation or find out more about our CCTV, Mobile App and Security products, please call 01283 819379 or email us on [email protected]

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