Did you know that there are 5 electrical fires each day caused by white goods in England?

Last year, 1,873 fires were caused by domestic electrical white goods such as dishwashers and fridge freezers in England. This is equivalent to over five fires per day.

After the Metropolitan Police confirmed that the disaster at Glenfell Tower was caused by a faulty fridge freezer. The charity Electrical Safety First (ESF) is calling on Government to provide Free mandatory checks for homes and tower blocks and have written to Margot James MP, who is the Minister responsible. The ESF has requested that:

  • Local Authorities and housing associations have a legal responsibility for ensuring that free mandatory electrical safety checks including fixed electrical installations and appliances for each property.
  • Local Authorities and housing associations must keep a register of white goods contained and operating in tower and housing blocks regardless of tenures and ensure the tenants have registered all their white good products.

Do you know which domestic appliance is most likely to catch fire?

  1. 19% washing machines (482)
  2. 18% tumble dryers (460)
  3. 15% electric cookers including oven (388)
  4. 9% Dishwashers (238)
  5. 8% Fridges/freezers (208)
  6. 5% Extractor fans (136)
  7. 5% Grill/Toasters (135)
  8. 4% Microwaves (109)
  9. 4% Other domestic appliances (92)
  10. 3% Washer dryer combos (66)

The Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is happy with ESF’s approach and state that “This is a great initiative from ESF and we would encourage people to check their white goods at www.whitegoodsafety.com.

Some tips for people to consider with their appliances:

  • High energy usage appliances such as kettles, toasters and microwaves are likely to be fitted with a 13-amp fuse and should be plugged directly into the wall socket.
  • Don’t use your microwave as an additional kitchen surface as placing items such as cloths or cookery books can result in blocking air vents and could lead to the microwave overheating.
  • People should avoid using washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwasher and other whitegoods during the night when you go to bed. Using these appliances at night means that you will only be alerted to the fire once the smoke alarm has actuated.  Using appliances during the day increases your chances of an early detection of a problem”.

For piece-of-mind, Woodward Group’s trusted engineers can test and check that your appliances and electrical systems are working correctly. We also have a designated Fire & Security Division providing fire system installations, testing and maintenance. Call us on 01283 819 379 and organise for one of engineers to check that your property is safe.

About Woodward Group.

Woodward Group are celebrating 30 years in business servicing the local community, commercial and industrial client’s business delivering high quality services and enabling our clients to meet the growth challenges of quality and safety. As a company, we assist our clients to reduce risk and improve compliance. Our accreditations and achievements provide each customer with peace of mind.

Woodward Group comprises of four divisions: Electrical, Fire & Security, Energy Solutions and Building Services. All our services are handled in-house by our expert team of engineers. We have the expertise and know-how to effectively manage each stage of your project from consultation certification and design, through to supply installation and maintenance.

As a group, we invest heavily in ensuring that we are up to date with all industry accreditation’s and that our team of skilled engineers are trained to the best standards in design, installation and maintenance. This assurance gives you the peace of mind that all our systems and project work is fully compliant with current standards and legal safety regulations.

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