EICR’s for landlords in the private rented sector

From government pressure and the inclusion of a clause in ‘The Housing and Planning Act 2016’ which allows the government to introduce electrical standards in the private rented sector, all private rented properties need to ensure that the electrical safety standards are met.

Traditionally, the standards of rented houses electrical systems have sometimes been lacking. Achieving these new standards will result in landlords having to engage with an electrical contractor to complete an Electrical Installation Report (EICR).

An EICR survey confirms whether an electrical system is satisfactory or unsatisfactory. If satisfactory a certificate is presented and the landlord and tenant have piece-of-mind that the properties electrics are safe to live in. If unsatisfactory, the report observations detail the extent of the dangers present. The landlord can then have the unsatisfactory observations rectified by using a qualified and registered electrical contractor.

Woodward Group provide both EICR’s and rectification works for landlords and building owners to bring their property up to standard, fully compliant and ready to be rented out.

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