Emergency Lighting What are your responsibilities

Emergency Lighting is a legal requirement in premises across the UK, whether commercial offices, factory units, hotels or blocks of flats.

Anyone who has control over the premises and fire-safety systems like building owners, landlords, facility managers, building occupiers, is known as the “responsible person” for emergency lighting.

In an emergency situation, any failure of the main power supply can have a disastrous effect. Sudden darkness can pose threats and hazards to occupants of the property, either through physical injury or panic. Emergency lighting can be an effective and extremely useful solution as it is able to operate automatically and provide sufficient illumination for safe and efficient evacuation.

So many businesses and commercial sites neglect their emergency lighting as non-essential equipment, disregarding the fact that the lives of everyone in their premises, and around it is dependent on the effectiveness of their emergency systems.

Woodward Groups Fire & Security Division provides total solutions covering maintenance, upgrades, and installations of Emergency Lighting. Let us provide you with peace of mind that your business is fully compliant with the latest regulations by calling us on 01283 819379.

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