Fire Alarms what are your responsibilities

Directors, do you understand your legal responsibilities when it comes to the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 of the Health and Safety at Work Act? Directors roles and that of employers, employees and the self-employed all have a duty of responsibility to maintain their electrical equipment to prevent danger.

The lives of people in and around your premises are dependent on your fire alarm for the appropriate warning in the event of a fire. However, you can’t tell if your fire alarms are fully operational just by looking at them.

As with any other system, components can fail and compromise the system’s operation, dust or dirt, and other contaminants can cause problems with smoke detectors, and vandalism or refurbishment can damage fire protection equipment.

With regular testing, inspection, and maintenance, you can keep your fire alarm systems that are expected to help protect people, property and assets, at optimum operating performance thus reducing costs by preventing unbudgeted emergency repairs and costly false alarms.

Along with Maintenance and Servicing, Woodward Group’s Fire & Security division can advise businesses of their responsibility to conform to the regulations, and provide consultations on Fires Risk Assessments and Training, offering the latest in Fire Safety Systems and Technology.

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