Fire Safety & Electrical Compliance – Let Us Take The Load Off You

In our recent newsletters, we have spoken about responsibilities and the importance of adhering to the regulations. Let us, at the Woodward Group, take the burden off your shoulders. We’ll reduce the time and costs required to maintain up-to-date compliance records, and save you from worrying whether your company is compliant with all the following services:


Fire Safety

We do this through the compliance module of our maintenance management system – an efficient and wholly transparent one-stop shop giving you a complete compliance management solution.

  • Provides maintenance packages for all your Fire Detection, Emergency Lighting, and Electrical systems.
  • Contacts you when your certification needs renewal.
  • Maintains your systems completely, ensuring compliance with the latest regulations.
  • Keeps all reports, certificates and compliances in one folder, managed by one trusted company.
  • Issues only one invoice/bill for all compliance and surveys.

Put all your fire safety and electrical compliance under one umbrella with Woodward Group at 01283 819379 today.

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