How do you keep your business secure from theft?

Security of your offices, workshops or other premises from damage and theft will always be an operational concern for any business owner.

With crime levels committed against business premises being reported close to 5 million per annum in England and Wales, it is imperative that you protect your company accordingly.

Having so many products on the market providing protection for your premises including intruder alarms, CCTV and access controls it pays to use a specialist to advise on the best methods in securing your property. Woodward Group’s Fire & Security Division provides the most up-to-date and cutting-edge equipment from commercial to industrial businesses.

What else can we do

In addition to installing or upgrading your CCTV and Alarm system through Woodward Group, we advise that all businesses follow these simple actions to help prevent theft.

Don’t forget to lock up.

It is a common thing to forget especially when a business has a number of employees who have keys and there is a misunderstanding of who needs to lock up.  Processes and regular internal updates on the importance of checking that windows are closed and doors locked is the difference of keeping your premises safe and secure or inviting thieves into your business.

Installing a keycode access panel or a keyfob system will ensure that your front door is always locked to people who don’t have permission to enter your premises.

Keep Vigilant

Staying alert and vigilant or spotting something that is suspicious around your work premises can help to prevent any theft or disruption to your business. Training your staff to keep an eye open on anything they feel is suspicious or spot individuals that are unfamiliar helps with an added layer of protection.

Woodward Fire & Security Division provides CCTV systems that add a key layer of surveillance around your premises. We install the latest CCTV digital technology and 4K offering clear imagery (night or day), Mobile App to activate remotely, storage and recording, playback and all accredited in accordance with SSAIB Regulations.

Out of sight out of mind

Would you leave your lawn mower out on your front garden after cutting the grass? No you wouldn’t. Therefore, leaving equipment or materials lying around outside your premises is definitely inviting interest. Also, be aware that if your keys, money, laptops and other valuables can be seen from a window they will be a temptation for any chancer. So, keep all valuables out of sight, put them in a draw and keep windows closed when not in your office. Don’t forget to lock up, simple training of your staff can prevent these crimes from happening.

Woodward Fire & Security

Woodward Fire & Security has considerable experience providing alarm and security solutions. Investing in a CCTV and alarm presence helps deter opportunist theft as well as creating a security boundary around your premises.

All of Woodward Fire and Security solutions are cutting edge and the most up-to-date in Technology advancements for live streaming, wireless devices, 4K resolution, auto tracking and mobile apps.

Invest now in a Woodward Fire & Security system designed that can help deter crime, save in the disruptive costs, loss of equipment as well as protect your premises and staff from crime. Call one of our security specialists on 01283 819 379 and we will be glad to help you.

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