How to Keep Warm this Winter

We are now coming up to the 3 coldest months of the year, here are some ideas for this winter.

Ventilation Done Right

  • Install bathroom extraction fans with built-in timers so they can’t be left on by accident.
  • Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans during the winter. If you have heated floors, turn off the ceiling fans.
  • Install baffles/draft blockers on the outside of your bathroom ventilation grills so you don’t have cold air blowing back into the house.

Heat Where You Need It

  • Install programmable thermostats so you never go home to a living room that’s colder than outside. (This can even be done with your smartphone app).
  • Turn the output knob of your storage heaters down at night and store your heat for when you need it in the day.


  • When you finish cooking, leave the stove open slightly to let the home get all that heat.
  • Your pets, partners and family members are mobile heaters. Consider cuddling if it gets really cold.
  • Invest in a small convector heater to add heat only where and when you need it

We Would Like To Hear From You

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