Latest e-Mobility Forecasts

Did you know that according to the International Energy Agency’s latest e-mobility forecasts, the number of electric vehicles on the world’s roads is set to triple by the end of the decade and under current national policies may soar to as many as 125 million by 2030?

We, at Woodward Group, understand the key issues when using an electric car, the car of the future. With limited range and a lack of places to charge up, it can put a negative impact on your decision to purchase one. Latest technologies and improved battery life has enabled extended journeys to be undertaken, with most owners using their home charging units and the occasional chargers that have been installed at work.

If you are considering buying an electric car and require a charging point or you are an employer who would like to incorporate and facilitate the growth of green technology within their corporate responsibility division, we can help. To read more on prices, networks, charger types and top tips on Electric Car Charging in the UK, click on this link:

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