Advantages of having LED Lighting for Warehouses

LED is a key installation for a warehouse or similar environment. Considering the benefits of LED lighting for warehouses, such as energy efficiency and cost of running, LED lighting installations are essential.

With the help of Woodward Group, your LED Lighting will be carried out in the correct way. Our engineers have been at the forefront of LED Technology and have several years’ experience in carrying out LED projects.

Energy Saving

LED is already known as more energy efficient than other types of lighting. LED uses less power and in some cases, can save over 80% on a business’s electricity bill.  There are very few ways of reducing a warehouses overheads by so much than installing LED Lighting.

Longer Lasting

LED Lighting can last up to 10 times longer than other types of lighting. LED’s don’t emit heat, they draw less energy and are more robustly manufactured. Also by lasting longer the maintenance costs are considerably lower again benefitting the businesses balance sheet.

Durable and Aesthetically Better

LEDs are durable and when turned on, they light up instantly. No more time waiting for another type of light to warm up before it can light an area. Also with LED’s you don’t some the effects of flicker that some other lights emit.

Light Distribution

LED lighting distributes better than any other form of warehouse lighting.  This benefits the people working in the warehouse with clear uniform lighting and importantly for health and safety requirements.

If you are thinking of replacing your warehouse’s existing lighting for LED Lights, call Woodward Group on 01283 819379 who are specialists and qualified to install the best lighting systems.

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