LED – Why don’t companies want £3,500 in savings!

Most buildings lighting systems are not energy efficient. When you consider 40% of a buildings electricity is used on lighting and you can save up to 80% of those costs just by installing LED’s, why then do businesses not switch to LED lighting?

If someone knocked at your door and said I can show you how your business can save £3,500 in 5 years, would you say, ‘No I’m not interested’.

Educating businesses is important and one response we hear is ‘’I don’t own the building, you’ll have to talk to the landlord’’.

We installed a LED system in a business that had 5 years 3 months left on their lease.

The LED lighting system replaced 54 fluorescent modular panels and a fluorescent batten.

The businesses annual lighting and maintenance costs were £1690 pa. The LED replacement system reduced the costs down to £460 pa. A massive 72.78% saving or £1,230 pa

Based on the cost to install the LED light fittings and the next 5 years use, the business will save £3,500.00.

With utility companies increasing the cost of electricity and businesses looking to reduce overheads, swopping your lighting to efficient LED’s that provide a better quality of light should be at the top of any businesses budget meeting.

Woodward Group are specialist in LED lighting solutions and have installed LED systems into all manner of offices, industrial and commercial buildings. Visit our website or call us on 01283 819379 for a specialist view on efficient lighting.

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