Woodward Group Lightning Protection – UK Gets more than 150,000 lightning strikes in 12 hrs

As more lighting and thunderstorms are expected this summer, Woodward Group recommends that you have your lightning protection checked in accordance with the electrical standards set out in BS EN 62305.

July has seen lightning and thunderstorms sweep across England and Wales and on one night there were over 150,000 strikes recorded in 12 hours. A single lightning bolt can carry up to 1 billion volts of energy and can reach temperatures of 28,000 ºC.

Lightning protection systems are designed to give a safe and low impedance path to earth. Our fully qualified engineers provide a complete service in accordance with the Electrical Standards and provide inspection, service, repair and installing new systems.

One essential part to servicing is that lightning protection needs to be tested every 11 months. Why? The significance of an 11-month programme is that over a period of 12 years the system would have been tested under all seasonal conditions. Seasonal conditions can significantly affect the performance of your lighting protection and the variations need to be checked and recorded.

Woodward Group can set up a very competitive 11-month service plan or give you the piece-of-mind survey and audit of your lightning protect system.

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