New apprenticeship standards for Fire & Security to help increase the growing gap

It has been all too evident that a there’s a gap in engineering skills within the security and emergency systems industry. This is now being addressed with a Government led initiative including cross industry support.

The Government recognised that despite significant money being spent on developing apprenticeships, there was still a shortage of qualified engineers.

The Fire, Emergency and Security Systems Trailblazer apprenticeship scheme is being governed by a group of 13 industry companies including SSAIB.

The Trailblazing apprenticeship aims to involve designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining systems in the apprentices chosen path. At the end of 3 years they will undergo a 2-day assessment where their skills and knowledge will be scrutinised.

Successful apprentices will be awarded with an apprenticeship completion certificate. Building on the apprenticeship core modules and chosen specialisation will help them become qualified level 3 security technicians.


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