Burton on Trent is home to an impressive mix of thriving firms

Burton on Trent

Woodward Group are part of the impressive array of small to medium enterprises (SME’s) which contribute to the enterprising culture which is ever developing in East Staffordshire.

East Staffordshire is home to significant mix of thriving businesses crossing a diverse range of industries and sectors. Globally recognised businesses such as JCB, Molson Coors and Pirelli have long been established.

Burton Upon Trent, boasts, world-class facilities, nationally renowned venues and a number of natural assets (major road and rail network) which make it a great place to do business.

Woodward Group is celebrating its 30th year in business and has its headquarters in Burton upon Trent. Working from a central location enables us to service all our customers comfortably throughout the UK.

Students face the tough choice of whether to do a degree or an apprenticeship.

Degree vs apprenticeship

As the results come in for school leavers what will they chose, an apprenticeship or degree?

Since May 2010 as part of a Government drive, there have been 3 million apprenticeships created. Apprenticeships are becoming more popular for school leavers to take up instead of going on and doing a degree.

The latest official figures show that more than 130,000 young people started an apprenticeship during 2015-2016 academic year.

With higher education tuition fees increasing and student loans become a hindrance, Young people are seeing that they can get an education in the fields they are aiming to work in and get paid a salary at the same time. Also at the end of the apprenticeship, some apprentices can go on to achieve a degree-level qualification – definitely a win-win option.

For more information on Electrical Apprenticeships go to the Government’s website for more information. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/electrotechnical-apprenticeships

Woodward Groups’ services under the spotlight this month is Fire Safety

Fire Safety Systems Derby

With Fire Safety prevalent in the news, especially the issues surrounding faulty electrical appliances, there is a greater need for early warning fire and smoke alarms, fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers and extinguisher training for businesses and where there are concentrations of people in buildings.

Woodward Group Fire Safety Specialists are ideally placed to assist organisations and businesses understand their current systems and fire safety procedures.  Whether it is completing a Fire Risk Assessment or installing a Fire Alarm and Suppression System we reassure our customers that the systems will protect you your family, home and business.

Our services cover

  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • System Design
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Training on the system and Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Servicing

Please take a look at our successful projects Woodward Fire and Security have undertaken by clicking on the link to our project portfolio page (https://woodwardfireandsecurity.co.uk/#project-full)

WWG welcome the opportunity to come and discuss the current systems you have and advise on whether they adhere to the latest fire and safety regulations. We can also provide a fire risk assessment and work with you to meet any upgrades or systems renewal. Please call us on 01283 819379

Wellies Save 10-year-old from Electrocution


A very lucky 10-year-old boy had a miraculous escape when he flew his kite into power lines. He was saved from electrocution because he was wearing his wellies.

As a kid, I remember when it was windy I’d take my kite out and fly it. Although we were near no power lines I don’t remember thinking about power lines only not to fly a kite in a lightning storm.

As the weather is unpredictable and kids are still on school holidays, make sure they are aware of the dangers of powerlines and lighting.

Message from the CEO

As Woodward Group are celebrating our 30 years in business, I look back at how the industry was and how it has changed with technology playing a big part. I have shared this journey with all that work at Woodward Group and especially with a handful of staff that have been with me from the beginning.

I would like to praise and give thanks to all our staff over the years for helping us become the company it is today. Their professionalism, commitment, skills, ideas and new trains of thought have made Woodward Group successful.

By embracing the challenge, investing in our staff with training and personal development we have become the strong company that is respected by our customers and peers for the quality of work we provide.

“I have always maintained that as a company we are only as good as the people we employ, this is my philosophy – building a strong team of technical individuals with good communication skills that work well together as a team”

EICR’s for landlords in the private rented sector


From government pressure and the inclusion of a clause in ‘The Housing and Planning Act 2016’ which allows the government to introduce electrical standards in the private rented sector, all private rented properties need to ensure that the electrical safety standards are met.

Traditionally, the standards of rented houses electrical systems have sometimes been lacking. Achieving these new standards will result in landlords having to engage with an electrical contractor to complete an Electrical Installation Report (EICR).

An EICR survey confirms whether an electrical system is satisfactory or unsatisfactory. If satisfactory a certificate is presented and the landlord and tenant have piece-of-mind that the properties electrics are safe to live in. If unsatisfactory, the report observations detail the extent of the dangers present. The landlord can then have the unsatisfactory observations rectified by using a qualified and registered electrical contractor.

Woodward Group provide both EICR’s and rectification works for landlords and building owners to bring their property up to standard, fully compliant and ready to be rented out.

Give our friendly engineering team a call and organise a EICR survey on 01283 819379


Check your home intruder alarm and smoke detector before you go on holiday

burglar alarm system

It’s exciting looking forward to your two weeks away in a sunny climate and relaxing by the swimming pool but, did you remember to service the intruder alarm? did you check your smoke detector is working?

If you don’t regularly service your alarms and detectors I am sure you will begin to worry and have niggling thoughts while sipping your cocktail, is the alarm working? is it going off and annoying the neighbours? have the Police / Fire Brigade been called out?

A regularly serviced intruder alarm and smoke detector will give you the piece-of-mind and comfort in enjoying your well-earned holiday.

Call Woodward Fire & Security today and have one of our engineers service your Alarm and Smoke Detectors so you can top up your tan and only worry about what factor sun cream you need to prevent burning.

700 million homes will be smart homes by 2020

Smart Homes

It is understood that by 2020 there will be 700 million Smart Homes. Woodward Group are one of the distinguished electrical companies that have the knowledge and proven skills with installing and maintaining smart technology including Automation, Audio / Visual, Security, Alarms/Cameras, Heating and Lighting.

Smart technology is all about making life easier and more efficient. The key to managing your building by a smartphone or tablet is to make certain that the electrical contractor who installs all this technology has the experience and know-how to do so as well has educating the client on how to use the system effectively.

The beauty of smart technology is that you can start small and add to growing your buildings smart capabilities. Another way is to introduce a complete smart building solution giving you the power to control your home or building from your phone / tablet.

Woodward Group are one of the few electrical contractors with the skills and capabilities to design and install smart technology. Call our specialist engineers on 01283 819379 to get a quote on becoming smart!

Derbyshire saw the Lancaster bomber fly again this weekend.

Lancaster Bomber

It was great to see the RAF’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s
Lancaster bomber fly over Derby again and hear the tremendous
sound of those 4 huge Rolls Royce Merlin engines.

Seeing the flight of the Lancaster over Derby where the Rolls Royce
Merlin engines were designed, developed and initially produced
makes you feel proud of the city’s achievements.

We need to keep these great airplanes flying and the memories of
just what they did and the brave men who flew them.

Woodward Group is humbled and proud of our association with the
RAF’s Bomber Command Memorial in London’s Green Park where we
maintain the memorials electrics.

LED – Why don’t companies want £3,500 in savings!

LED Lighting

Most buildings lighting systems are not energy efficient. When you consider 40% of a buildings electricity is used on lighting and you can save up to 80% of those costs just by installing LED’s, why then do businesses not switch to LED lighting?

If someone knocked at your door and said I can show you how your business can save £3,500 in 5 years, would you say, ‘No I’m not interested’.

Educating businesses is important and one response we hear is ‘’I don’t own the building, you’ll have to talk to the landlord’’.

We installed a LED system in a business that had 5 years 3 months left on their lease.

The LED lighting system replaced 54 fluorescent modular panels and a fluorescent batten.

The businesses annual lighting and maintenance costs were £1690 pa. The LED replacement system reduced the costs down to £460 pa. A massive 72.78% saving or £1,230 pa

Based on the cost to install the LED light fittings and the next 5 years use, the business will save £3,500.00.

With utility companies increasing the cost of electricity and businesses looking to reduce overheads, swopping your lighting to efficient LED’s that provide a better quality of light should be at the top of any businesses budget meeting.

Woodward Group are specialist in LED lighting solutions and have installed LED systems into all manner of offices, industrial and commercial buildings. Visit our website or call us on 01283 819379 for a specialist view on efficient lighting.