Stapenhill Swans Junior football team sponsored by Woodward Group


Stapenhill Swans Junior football team is being sponsored for 2017 -2018 season by Woodward Group.

The team start this season off the back of a positive 2016/17 season and can’t wait to back on the pitch.

We’re very excited about sponsoring Stapenhill Swans junior team especially as our operations manager played for them and has some very good memories there.

Helping kids enjoy and have fun playing football is what we want and to see. It also helps them learn to work well as a team.

We look forward to seeing the team play and are delighted that our company logo will be on the kids’ shirts.

Come on you Swans!

New apprenticeship standards for Fire & Security to help increase the growing gap

apprenticeship standards

It has been all too evident that a there’s a gap in engineering skills within the security and emergency systems industry. This is now being addressed with a Government led initiative including cross industry support.

The Government recognised that despite significant money being spent on developing apprenticeships, there was still a shortage of qualified engineers.

The Fire, Emergency and Security Systems Trailblazer apprenticeship scheme is being governed by a group of 13 industry companies including SSAIB.

The Trailblazing apprenticeship aims to involve designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining systems in the apprentices chosen path. At the end of 3 years they will undergo a 2-day assessment where their skills and knowledge will be scrutinised.

Successful apprentices will be awarded with an apprenticeship completion certificate. Building on the apprenticeship core modules and chosen specialisation will help them become qualified level 3 security technicians.


How do you keep your business secure from theft?

alarm systems

Security of your offices, workshops or other premises from damage and theft will always be an operational concern for any business owner.

With crime levels committed against business premises being reported close to 5 million per annum in England and Wales, it is imperative that you protect your company accordingly.

Having so many products on the market providing protection for your premises including intruder alarms, CCTV and access controls it pays to use a specialist to advise on the best methods in securing your property. Woodward Group’s Fire & Security Division provides the most up-to-date and cutting-edge equipment from commercial to industrial businesses.

What else can we do

In addition to installing or upgrading your CCTV and Alarm system through Woodward Group, we advise that all businesses follow these simple actions to help prevent theft.

Don’t forget to lock up.

It is a common thing to forget especially when a business has a number of employees who have keys and there is a misunderstanding of who needs to lock up.  Processes and regular internal updates on the importance of checking that windows are closed and doors locked is the difference of keeping your premises safe and secure or inviting thieves into your business.

Installing a keycode access panel or a keyfob system will ensure that your front door is always locked to people who don’t have permission to enter your premises.

Keep Vigilant

Staying alert and vigilant or spotting something that is suspicious around your work premises can help to prevent any theft or disruption to your business. Training your staff to keep an eye open on anything they feel is suspicious or spot individuals that are unfamiliar helps with an added layer of protection.

Woodward Fire & Security Division provides CCTV systems that add a key layer of surveillance around your premises. We install the latest CCTV digital technology and 4K offering clear imagery (night or day), Mobile App to activate remotely, storage and recording, playback and all accredited in accordance with SSAIB Regulations.

Out of sight out of mind

Would you leave your lawn mower out on your front garden after cutting the grass? No you wouldn’t. Therefore, leaving equipment or materials lying around outside your premises is definitely inviting interest. Also, be aware that if your keys, money, laptops and other valuables can be seen from a window they will be a temptation for any chancer. So, keep all valuables out of sight, put them in a draw and keep windows closed when not in your office. Don’t forget to lock up, simple training of your staff can prevent these crimes from happening.

Woodward Fire & Security

Woodward Fire & Security has considerable experience providing alarm and security solutions. Investing in a CCTV and alarm presence helps deter opportunist theft as well as creating a security boundary around your premises.

All of Woodward Fire and Security solutions are cutting edge and the most up-to-date in Technology advancements for live streaming, wireless devices, 4K resolution, auto tracking and mobile apps.

Invest now in a Woodward Fire & Security system designed that can help deter crime, save in the disruptive costs, loss of equipment as well as protect your premises and staff from crime. Call one of our security specialists on 01283 819 379 and we will be glad to help you.

Lightning strike starts roof fire on house in Eccleshall.

lightning protection

Firefighters were called out to a house roof fire in Chatcull, Staffordshire on Tuesday 1st August after it was reportedly struck by lightning.

 Fire crews from Cheadle, Hanley, Loggerheads and Stone attended and extinguished the fire. A spokesman for Staffordshire Fire & Rescue said ‘‘The caller reported a house had caught fire after being struck by lightning”.

The property was well alight on arrival. The fire has burned through the roof space of the home, causing some of the structure to collapse.

A lightning strike is one of nature’s most destructive elements, a single lightning bolt can carry up to 1 billion volts of energy and can reach temperatures of 28,000ºC.

A way to protect your home and building against lightning strikes would be to install a protection system that gives a safe and low impedance path to earth.

Woodward Group install Lightning protect systems that are tailored to a buildings structure. We ensure that the protection system is serviced, maintained and tested under all seasonal conditions in accordance with the BSI standards.

Call one of our lighting protection engineers to come and do a free assessment and survey your property Tel: 01283 819379

Enforcer V10 wins Intruder Product of the Year 2017 at the PSI Premier Awards

Pyronix – Enforcer V10

Woodward fire and security are proud to promote and supply the Enforcer V10 and with Pyronix winning this award we have the confidence that the best equipment on the market is being installed in our customers’ premises.

The key features of this award  winner  Intruder Alarm Product are:

  • DIGI-WIFI as standard
  • HD monitoring
  • Android & Apple compatible
  • Highly secure connection
  • No on-site IT configuration
  • Complete control from anywhere in the world using The HomeControl+ App

About Woodward Fire & Security

Woodward Fire & Security use the most trusted and up-to-date Alarm and CCTV technology enabling confidence from our customers that ‘’the best equipment is installed by the best security experts’’.

We also offer a total system support where our engineers are on call 24 hours a day, every day  to manage, service and maintain your systems.

All our engineers are approved and screened by SSAIB which is the leading industry certification body. By using the best and most up-to-date equipment installed by accredited and trusted engineers, we ensure that your Family, Home and Business are protected with a Woodward Fire & Security System.

Call one of our security experts today on 01283 819379

BT offers at least 10 megabits per second broadband speed to 99% of the UK by 2020


The UK has seen impressive developments in fibre optic cables being brought to homes improving broadband speeds. One issue that has been a constant thorn has been rural and remote areas and getting a good broadband speed.

There are about 1.4 million houses in the UK that get less than 10 mbps according to Ofcom.

The Government has previously proposed a universal service obligation (USO) designed for homes to get faster broadband to a minimum of 10 mbps which meets a typical family’s needs. MP’s have ‘’warmly welcomed BT’s offer’’ and will now look at whether BT’s offer or the governments regulatory approach works better for homes and businesses.

Whichever way the decision goes, there will be costs and some consider 10 mbps as too slow and not future proofed. It is expected to cost between £450m and £600m and would need to be recovered by increasing current bills, how much by it is yet confirmed.

The governments USO project was planned to be rolled out by 2020 giving everyone the right to request a broadband connection, regardless of where they live and BT would have to provide the infrastructure.

The intension of the governments’ moves is to shake up the UK broadband industry to invest in infrastructure even if BT and Virgin saw no profit in offering broadband services to remote and rural areas.

BT’s latest initiative aims to ensure that all the UK premises get faster broadband even in the hardest to reach parts in the UK.

Whichever two approaches proposed, we need to be sure that the consumer gets the best deal with no prohibitive costs and that the technology is future proofed to enable faster speeds.

Fire and Safety Legislation for Commercial Landlords

Fire and Safety Legislation

Commercial landlords have a legal obligation that their properties adhere to fire and safety laws. Complying with these laws can be confusing especially if the landlord is not up to speed on changes and if found to be lacking, there are potentially huge fines and the possibility of prison.

One landlord, for student housing in Nottingham, decided to ignore the Fire Inspection Officers advice on appropriate improvements needed to reduce risk and meet current fire safety legislation. After ignoring the recommendations, he continued to put young people living in his property at serious risk and was handed a suspended prison sentence and must pay almost £200,000 in fines and costs.

As a commercial landlord, it is essential that your building is fully compliant with current fire safety regulations. It is also essential that the fire safety systems are regularly serviced and maintained by an approved company.

Woodward Fire & Security experts are fully qualified and registered to assist commercial landlords with all their fire and security needs. We take on this responsibility seriously and control how a system is designed and installed to meet the latest fire and safety regulations. We also provide a servicing and maintenance scheme so that all our customers’ systems are working and keep up-to-date with all the latest regulations and changes to the law.

If you have any questions regarding your current fire & safety system, servicing or looking to make improvements please call one our Fire & Security experts on 01283 819379.

Did you know that there are 5 electrical fires each day caused by white goods in England?

domestic electrical

Last year, 1,873 fires were caused by domestic electrical white goods such as dishwashers and fridge freezers in England. This is equivalent to over five fires per day.

After the Metropolitan Police confirmed that the disaster at Glenfell Tower was caused by a faulty fridge freezer. The charity Electrical Safety First (ESF) is calling on Government to provide Free mandatory checks for homes and tower blocks and have written to Margot James MP, who is the Minister responsible. The ESF has requested that:

  • Local Authorities and housing associations have a legal responsibility for ensuring that free mandatory electrical safety checks including fixed electrical installations and appliances for each property.
  • Local Authorities and housing associations must keep a register of white goods contained and operating in tower and housing blocks regardless of tenures and ensure the tenants have registered all their white good products.

Do you know which domestic appliance is most likely to catch fire?

  1. 19% washing machines (482)
  2. 18% tumble dryers (460)
  3. 15% electric cookers including oven (388)
  4. 9% Dishwashers (238)
  5. 8% Fridges/freezers (208)
  6. 5% Extractor fans (136)
  7. 5% Grill/Toasters (135)
  8. 4% Microwaves (109)
  9. 4% Other domestic appliances (92)
  10. 3% Washer dryer combos (66)

The Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is happy with ESF’s approach and state that “This is a great initiative from ESF and we would encourage people to check their white goods at

Some tips for people to consider with their appliances:

  • High energy usage appliances such as kettles, toasters and microwaves are likely to be fitted with a 13-amp fuse and should be plugged directly into the wall socket.
  • Don’t use your microwave as an additional kitchen surface as placing items such as cloths or cookery books can result in blocking air vents and could lead to the microwave overheating.
  • People should avoid using washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwasher and other whitegoods during the night when you go to bed. Using these appliances at night means that you will only be alerted to the fire once the smoke alarm has actuated.  Using appliances during the day increases your chances of an early detection of a problem”.

For piece-of-mind, Woodward Group’s trusted engineers can test and check that your appliances and electrical systems are working correctly. We also have a designated Fire & Security Division providing fire system installations, testing and maintenance. Call us on 01283 819 379 and organise for one of engineers to check that your property is safe.

About Woodward Group.

Woodward Group are celebrating 30 years in business servicing the local community, commercial and industrial client’s business delivering high quality services and enabling our clients to meet the growth challenges of quality and safety. As a company, we assist our clients to reduce risk and improve compliance. Our accreditations and achievements provide each customer with peace of mind.

Woodward Group comprises of four divisions: Electrical, Fire & Security, Energy Solutions and Building Services. All our services are handled in-house by our expert team of engineers. We have the expertise and know-how to effectively manage each stage of your project from consultation certification and design, through to supply installation and maintenance.

As a group, we invest heavily in ensuring that we are up to date with all industry accreditation’s and that our team of skilled engineers are trained to the best standards in design, installation and maintenance. This assurance gives you the peace of mind that all our systems and project work is fully compliant with current standards and legal safety regulations.

Woodward Group Lightning Protection – UK Gets more than 150,000 lightning strikes in 12 hrs

Lightning Protection

As more lighting and thunderstorms are expected this summer, Woodward Group recommends that you have your lightning protection checked in accordance with the electrical standards set out in BS EN 62305.

July has seen lightning and thunderstorms sweep across England and Wales and on one night there were over 150,000 strikes recorded in 12 hours. A single lightning bolt can carry up to 1 billion volts of energy and can reach temperatures of 28,000 ºC.

Lightning protection systems are designed to give a safe and low impedance path to earth. Our fully qualified engineers provide a complete service in accordance with the Electrical Standards and provide inspection, service, repair and installing new systems.

One essential part to servicing is that lightning protection needs to be tested every 11 months. Why? The significance of an 11-month programme is that over a period of 12 years the system would have been tested under all seasonal conditions. Seasonal conditions can significantly affect the performance of your lighting protection and the variations need to be checked and recorded.

Woodward Group can set up a very competitive 11-month service plan or give you the piece-of-mind survey and audit of your lightning protect system.

Protect your Business with a SSAIB accredited Fire and Security Expert

SSAIB accredited Fire and Security

Your business may be targeted by criminals in numerous ways. Do you control who monitors, advises and fits your security system or fire alarm?

Woodward Fire & Security Engineers ensure our customers mitigate their risks and provide the best systems for their needs. We employ a range of protective measures to remove risks posed by breaches or the impact of fire.

Company owners and managers need to increasingly demonstrate to their insurers they meet or exceed the required levels of security and protection as per SSAIB, the industry’s certification body. This not only applies to protecting buildings and contents but also the company’s employees.

Woodward Fire & Security SSAIB accredited engineers provide company owners and managers with trusted advice and knowledgeable expertise on mitigating risks, and protecting employees.

Call us on 01283 819 379 for trusted advice on how we can help you achieve your required levels of protection.