Paxton Access Control Systems

Woodward Group’s Fire & Security Manager, Rhys Evans and Engineer Jordan McFarlane have just qualified as certified installers for Paxton Access Control Systems.

Paxton is a leading global company with award-winning electronic IP access control systems for smart buildings and its centralised administration system boasts its ability to control sites with up to 1,000 doors and 50,000 users.

The system tailors access privileges to groups, individuals and visitors in just a few clicks from your PC. It can also manage buildings’ lighting, air-conditioning, heating, and even electrical appliances.

When Woodward Group moved to our new purpose-built offices we wanted a reliable access control system that was foolproof, intuitive and expandable. We chose Paxton. The system has never skipped a beat and we like it so much that when our customers ask for advice on access control systems, we talk to them about Paxton.

For more information on access control systems for your building, call us on 01283 819379.

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