Protect your Business with a SSAIB accredited Fire and Security Expert

Your business may be targeted by criminals in numerous ways. Do you control who monitors, advises and fits your security system or fire alarm?

Woodward Fire & Security Engineers ensure our customers mitigate their risks and provide the best systems for their needs. We employ a range of protective measures to remove risks posed by breaches or the impact of fire.

Company owners and managers need to increasingly demonstrate to their insurers they meet or exceed the required levels of security and protection as per SSAIB, the industry’s certification body. This not only applies to protecting buildings and contents but also the company’s employees.

Woodward Fire & Security SSAIB accredited engineers provide company owners and managers with trusted advice and knowledgeable expertise on mitigating risks, and protecting employees.

Call us on 01283 819 379 for trusted advice on how we can help you achieve your required levels of protection.

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