How safe and secure is your new home?

One of our employees is moving home and it got me thinking with how do you make your new home safe and secure?

So, you’ve picked up the new keys and moved in, but did you know that new homeowners are twice as likely to get burgled in the first 12 months.

Follow these key points to consider when moving into your new home:

  • Locks and Keys

Ensure you change all the locks especially as the prior owner may have left a key with neighbour, cleaner or even under a plant pot.

If the new home has an alarm, get it serviced by a Woodward approved engineer. If the property has no alarm, get one of our Wireless Intruder Alarms with Remote App for half the price that new builders are charging. See our flyer attached.

  • Thieves Love Working in the Dark

Use Woodward LED spot lights with motion sensors to light up your property and possible areas where intruders can hide in the shadows. Also add a Woodward CCTV system to provide complete piece of mind.

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