Students face the tough choice of whether to do a degree or an apprenticeship.

As the results come in for school leavers what will they chose, an apprenticeship or degree?

Since May 2010 as part of a Government drive, there have been 3 million apprenticeships created. Apprenticeships are becoming more popular for school leavers to take up instead of going on and doing a degree.

The latest official figures show that more than 130,000 young people started an apprenticeship during 2015-2016 academic year.

With higher education tuition fees increasing and student loans become a hindrance, Young people are seeing that they can get an education in the fields they are aiming to work in and get paid a salary at the same time. Also at the end of the apprenticeship, some apprentices can go on to achieve a degree-level qualification – definitely a win-win option.

For more information on Electrical Apprenticeships go to the Government’s website for more information.

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