Trust Woodward Group with Supplying the Most Reliable LED’s

Over the last 15 years we have seen the everyday light bulb has moved from incandescent to fluorescent and now the latest in disruptive technologies, LEDs

But who’s to say that the LED lamp is reliable and lives up to the claims of its 5-year warrantee? Also, what about the claims of 90% efficiency?

Wading through the quagmire is frustrating when looking at which LED to choose and of how many years warrantee a manufacture gives especially since most LED’s are manufactured in the Far East.

One issue are the claims that an LED lamp will last 5, 7 or even 10 years, but this could be under restricted usage which inevitably when used under normal conditions could reduce the life of the LED more than half its claimed life expectancy.

So how do you determine which LED lives up to its manufactures claims?

The answer is to ask for a copy of the certification / testing but make sure that the tests have been done by a registered test laboratory and additionally only use a reputable Electrical Contractor.

At Woodward Group, we only supply LED lights and equipment that has the piece-of-mind of being tested in the real world.

As a supplier, we obviously guarantee our work. We also require that the LEDs and equipment installed also does the same. It is our name and quality of work that the customer sees not the light manufacturers name. Therefore, at Woodward Group we insist on only supplying LED lights and equipment that has the BSI Kitemark or CE Marking certification and independently tested in a recognised test laboratory.

Call Woodward Group on 01283 819 379 to assist you in safeguarding that the LED System you choose provides energy efficient lighting that lasts.

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